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 NO:1 Chinese dragon dance for sale  Retail price:  E-mail: skb168@126.com Tel:+86 791 88270701

Chennan Loongden in King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

Material: silk print fabric

Modern competitive dragon production strictly according to national standards. Material using thermal transfer printing, silk fabric of high-density products, fine workmanship, colorful, the cloth of body appearances different level, full size. Head of dragon is a new design for the glass fiber reinforced plastic mold liner, both God-shaped, strong and durable, nice balance, applies to performances, competitions, training and other occasions.

Colors are red, yellow, blue, green, many color, color, etc.






Survivor S15 : China   Survivor Entertainment Group

Dragon and lion derived from ancient Chinese folk festival, it passed through thousands years’ history, Now more and more active at the celebrate ceremony, Fitness occasions, sports events. Many schools also introduce dragon and lion sports as a culture in the class.

Chennan Loongden after a variety of events stands the test (International Competition Domestic Competition Enterprise inner Competition) during Practice has proved that the structural is reasonable design The center of gravity is symmetrical The dragon body is dexterous Assembles conveniently Solid durable. Because the high quality of material, the Chengnan dragon lantern has sold in distant markets the world to Australia, US, France, Germany, Singapore and so on. The Chengnan dragon lantern has the outstanding performance at the Jiangxi first session dragon lion big game and at the Jiujiang international dragon lion elite competition, for details sees the picture introduction.  

The Dragon dance Lion dance Performance Training






  NO:2 Gold-plated dragon  Classical case video Gold-plated dragon at large-scale cultural show's performance video

Material: Gold-plated

Has golden dragon cigs, the silver dragon, the red golden dragon cigs, blue golden dragon, green golden dragon, black golden dragon, etc. Under the sunlight shines glittering. To provides the real effective consultation mail, may send the clear picture to supply the reference.

 NO3  Athletics net dragon   China specialized top athletics dragon dance  Proxy price **** E-mail:skbcn@126.com

Material: Nettings

This is a high specification, high-grade technology dragon dance, the dragon body is dexterous and beautiful is glittering and translucent carving, uses in important competition, celebration, performance and so on. Often use for the large-scale Enterprises the colleges and universities, the art organization. There are the golden color net dragon, red golden dragon, the silver net dragon, the green net dragon, the blue color net dragon, the black net dragon and so on to be possible to supply the choice, may also made according to request making to order.      


  Net dragon competition in the international dragon lion performance Marvelous show video

The above specification is Standard game with dragons 9 bundles and 1 bead 18 meters long (for 10 people dancing). The whole dragon (with bead and pole) weights eight 18kg, Bibcock, Dragons Body, Tail, dragon pole are removable, with two cartons, use of small wrench with transportation dragons, can be convenient quickly assemble. Cartons standard type is 90*48*68cm*13kg, 180*10*10cm*5kg. Using the latest products, plastic keel, and dragon pole made of bamboo. Dragon pole may according to the demand of stainless steel, wood, glass, aluminum or carbon rod replaced.

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Chennan Loongden packing box

Like in the ancient times the men till the land and women weave cloth have the most of the time ancestors to make their clothes by self. Our dragon dancing team used to have made the dances of dragons props. Bamboo maker, the tailor, carpenters, painters … procurement of materials, preparing for the worksite, and arrange for helpers, for dinner. for one or two dragon were cost a lot of time and energy costs, it is not low. In the information age, there is few family lives on his clothes, the market, has a professional design and fast service, the utmost to satisfy the individuating demands of us. As the same the dragon, although demand from the design, produce the supporting drums, clothing, until the packing for transport, and now is the global logistics and convenient, as long as the organization of themselves, we will put all the items delivered to your door.

More products of lion dance  Clothing   Necessary Gongs   Display rack

Purchase Northern and Southern Lions head and lion blanket, lion skin, lion trousers

The above specification is 9 handle and one Dances the embroidered ball person in all 18 meters long (10 person of dances) the standard competition uses dragon, The entire dragon (including embroidered ball, pole) the weight 20 kilograms, the main item, dragon body, the Dragon's Tail, the dragon pole is Assembles conveniently, respectively by 3 paper box packing, use small spanner along with the dragon present's may assemble fast, facilitates the transportation. The paper box size respectively is 86*44*64 centimeter *2, 180*10*10 centimeter *1. The pole may also according to the demand with the bamboo, the stainless steel, the wood, the aluminum alloy or the carbon fiber pole replaces.

Chennan Loongden studio specialized design each kind of dragon dance stage prop, the dragon dance equipment, and devote to the dragon dance movement promotion. After a variety of Match stands the test, during Practice has proved that the structural is reasonable design The center of gravity is symmetrical The dragon body is dexterous Assembles conveniently Solid durable. The Chengnan dragon lantern has sold in distant markets the world to US, France, Germany, Czechoslovakia (blue color typeface may link watches example pictures).

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Noctilucent dragon there are two types, with materials drawn by fluorescent, another on folk are commonly used by its own source of light. Chennan Loongden Light Dragon by ordinary battery-equipped and no external sources for use, the stage as the wilderness, do as one wishes and flexible, its brightness dazzles the eyes in night.


Lion dances and dragon dances costume, drums, the shelves for lion, live music for the lion performance, training and
Ceremonial performances for more detailed information of folk craft goods to be supply.

Dragon lights video 1、folk dances of dragons video 2、the standard dragon dance video 3、Indoor dragon dance video 4、lotus gathering boat performance video 5、dragon dance match 6、course of how to put dragon gesture 7、awake lion wire walking in quincuncial stake
8、Jiujiang international lion match video ( full ) 9、 Invitational tournament in china 10、the drums in the dances of dragons practice   * The third the whole people of the physical fitness lion and dragon dance picture library

The lion is clear from the word (they are used Zhu sha drawn lion’s eyes)


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